Circle Invest Adds ‘Buy the Mark

Circle targets cryptocurrency newbs with its new instant diversification to Circle Invest, the retail cryptocurrency trading pl...
May 23, 2018

OPEN Presents Innovative Protocol Blockchain for Interoperability

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain, undoubtedly, will disrupt companies and entire industries in the near future. OPEN Platform ha...
May 21, 2018

ALTCOINS VeChain [VEN] listed on Zebpay, price increases by $0.15 in one hour!

Zebpay announced trading and support for VeChain earlier today. The tweet in question requested users to move their VEN tokens ...
May 21, 2018

Storm of disruption? Ripple’s xRapid demo shows cross-border settlement in 2 minutes

David Schwartz, the Chief Cryptographer at Ripple demonstrated xRapid in front of a live audience at Consensus earlier this wee...
May 19, 2018

ETHEREUM Augur’s contracts to be deployed to Ethereum [ETH] network

Augur being an open-source decentralized platform built on the Ethereum blockchain, caters to the prediction market and are loo...
May 19, 2018

Who’s afraid of cryptocurrency?

Since its inception, cryptocurrency has been regarded as technically fascinating but fundamentally unreliable. Those who invest...
May 16, 2018

Kraken Donates $1 Million to Blockchain Advocacy Group Coin CenterKraken Donates $1 Million to Blockchain Advocacy Group Coin Center

There are few things the cryptocurrency community loves more than outspokenness – except, perhaps, putting your money whe...
May 15, 2018

White Shoe to Wild West: Lawyers to Launch Blockchain-Only Law Firm

Blockchain technology is shaking up the legal industry. At least that’s according to prominent blockchain industry attorn...
May 11, 2018

Should We Be Watching Zilliqa?

The peak for Verge XVG currently stands at $0.23, however, given Verge’s capacity to pull together partnerships and develop hyp...
May 10, 2018

Zcash Privacy Weakened by Certain Behaviors, Researchers Say

Researchers have identified patterns in certain kinds of zcash transactions that weaken their anonymity, according to a paper p...
May 10, 2018